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For Immediate Release
Support for Africa - 10 October 2000

The World Watch Institute says:

"6,030 Africans die every day from AIDS".

The number of orphans could reach 20 million by the end of the decade.

The economic impact of AIDS steeply increases the dependency ratio of children and old people whose productive adults are dying.

"Medical budgets are swamped".

Nearly half of Zimbabwe's care budget is spent on treating AIDS patients.
In some hospitals in South Africa and Burundi, 60% of beds are occupied by these patients and in Zimbabwe and Zambia, the numbers are 50-80% of all urban hospital beds.

In Zambia, the number of teachers dying of AIDS each year approaches the number of new teachers being trained.

At the University of Durban Westville in South Africa, 25% of the student body is HIV positive.

Barring a medical miracle, some countries in Africa will lose one fifth to one third of their adults by the end of the this decade.
Peter Piot, Executive Director of UNAID, in his statement to the security Council, said: "We know what to do".

Prevention works. AIDS is now on the top of the agenda of the organizations making up the United Nations system.

Beating back this epidemic in Africa alone will cost 3 billon US Dollars per year for basic prevention and basic care, almost ten times what is being spent today".