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Photo Gallery Four
covering Golden Jubilee on 04 June 2002

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014 016 CNV00002 CNV00003 CNV00005 CNV00007 CNV00008
CNV00010 CNV00012 CNV00013 CNV00015 CNV00016 CNV00017 CNV00019
CNV00020 CNV00021 CNV00023 CNV00025 CNV00027 CNV00028 CNV00029
CNV00030 CNV00031 CNV00034 CNV00035 CNV00036 CNV00037 CNV00038
CNV00041 CNV00042 CNV00044 CNV00046 CNV00047 CNV00049 CNV00050
Click on any photo for a larger view
Photos kindly donated by photographer
Michael G. Spafford -

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