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Photo Gallery Six
opening of SFA CLIFF RICHARD Health Centre, Wosu Wogoso Ave/Okene Rd (Off Igwuruta Rd - by NEPA Transformer, Rumuokwurushi, Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria. April 2005

A1.3 A1.5 A1.6 A1.10 A2.1 A2.3 A2.4 A2.12
A3.3 A3.4 A3.7 A3.10 A4.2 A4.8 A5.4 A5.6
A6.6 A9.12 A10.3 A10.9 A10.12 A18.7 A19.5 A21.4
A21.5 A21.7 A21.8 A21.11 A23.2 A23.6 A23.12 A25.8
A26.10 A33.2 A33.5 A33.9 A33.12 A34.7 A34.11 A36.1
A36.3 A36.10 A37.8 A37.12 A38.12 A39.1 A39.7 A39.9
A39.12 A40.8 A40.9 A40.11 A41.4 A41.5 A41.9 A42.5
A42.10 A42.12 A43.6 A43.9 A45.1 A45.2 A47.1 A47.3
A52.11 A53.1 A53.5 A54.4 A54.8 A54.10 A54.12 A55.5
A56 A57 A58 A59 A60 A61 A62  
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All photographs were taken by internationally famous photographer Gill Shaw ABIPP AMPA.

Gill is a great supporter and friend of the charity and Gill has donated these pictures and her services to Support For Africa. For more great photographs of international Stars and the story of the visit and opening of our second centre visit

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